Material- Maple Wood
Year- 2013

Laines by Pau Stephens from Pau Stephens on Vimeo.

Laines is a project that was born at the Wood Master Class organized by Fundesarte and U´luv center of folk arts of Slovakia.

At the Master Class craftsmen and designers of Spain, Ireland and France participated and exchanged different points of view and creation methods.

While designers often wonder what they want to do without thinking whether their design is viable or not, craftsmen think about the processes they know without trying to push their boundaries. The mix of these two ways of thinking made the Master Class challenging for designers as they had to get involved in the production and viability and at the same time craftsmen had to consider design and aesthetics.

Laines is an experiment that mixes two paradigms to create a product that is functional and can be produced in a artesanal way by the woodturning technique.

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