The cactomonster story


This was my favorite monster of this first round of glaze. The cactomonster. The story saids that there was a cactus living in the desert 🌵 He was the only cactus in kilometers, when he looked around there was nothing, only sand and a few rocks,but the rocks didn't like cactus so they never talked to him. He spend ages in solitude with nothing but loneliness and despair, one day there was a storm ⛈ heavy storm, he never experienced a storm like that before and he couldnt help to start crying, It was so beautiful yet so scary, the storm suddenly lightened and speak to him
- Why are you crying? 
- I am so lonely and you make me feel more nostalgic, and sad, so I decided to cry out my suffering. 
-oh I see, I have that effect on people, add more drama to their lives. If there's a funeral I'm there, if there's a breakup Im there, to get people more in the" mood". It's the water I think, "even the sky is crying" some people say. But let's not talk about me. So you feel lonely? 
-yes not even the rocks want to talk to me. 
- the rocks are boring don't mind them. I can help you to get real friends
- really? How so? 
- pretty easy, drink my water, a lot, and you will be able to grow some feet and move around go and meet some people. But there's a catch.... 
- that I'm a cactus and I am not very fond of water? 
- a yeah that also, but that is not the catch, you are going to be like a monster. Are you willing to let people see you like that and not as a cute cactus 🌵? 
- I guess that I have to make some effort and sacrifices in order to be happy and have friends. Yeah I don't care I'll drink the water
- ok let me rain a little more to add more drama ⛈⛈⛈

And that's how the cacti monster was born, and even though he was a monster he was happy and had tons of good friends, because good friends don't mind if you are an ugly blue monster that reminds them of a cactus and sometimes stings them. Good friends accept you in all your ugliness