Dear 2017

New year, New life, New country, New civil status, New perspectives, New projects, New adventures....

This is a year with a lot of changes, I got married with a handsome german guy, Im moving from México to Poland and I´m re-inventing myself in a personal and professional way once again. Scared and excited.

I use to be afraid of changes, I thought that I have to have a specific mindset and keep with it for the rest of my life, If it worked a year ago it works forever, everything was settle. Recent events make me realise how wrong I was, that nothing is forever, that everything is in constant movement and that if you want to be succesful you have to improve your skills, learn new things, move and re-invent yourself constantly. 

Today I analise my current situation and ask myself, what do I need to improve to get to my goals?, what skills do I need to learn?  -Learn German- Record and Edit better my PauPow vídeos -Find a work even if it´s as an internship- Be more active - Cook healthier - Learn relief printing - Improve in my long distance collaborations- Read more books- Improve my english.

Those are a few goals for this year, those are the things that I want to learn and the skills that I need to aquire if I want to get a little bit closer to the Pau that I want to become in 5 years, and maybe in 5 years my goals are different, it doesn´t matter,  because such is life and I just want to live it at the most.

Pau. 11/01/2017