La Tora

La Tora. Centro de producción de diseño, (Center of production of design) is a project that was born in Madrid, Spain in 2012. Together with my former partner Javier Alejandre, we had the idea of creating a place, where designers are enabled to design, to create and to produce their ideas. In the workshop, we worked in a neoartesanal way, mixing traditional craftsmanship with new techniques and technology. Although our main focus lie in ceramics, we were always open minded towards other materials as well as collaborations with other factories.

When I returned to México in 2014, I founded La Tora in Querétaro. Underlying the same basic ideas as La Tora, Spain, during the last 2 years La Tora participated in various exhibitions and contests regarding ceramics and design. Apart from that, the idea of enabling other artists continued through organized workshops for young creatives interested in ceramics, making molds and/or other techniques and materials.

Currently, La Tora Spain remains in the hands of Javier Alejandre ( while La Tora. México ( is focusing on organizing workshops and dedicating more time to collaborations with designers and the production management of other companies and clients.