Corazón Moreno

Material- Terracotta 

Year- 2015

Collaboration- Luis VegaRick Rossenham, Alejandro Macías , Pedro Arturo y Rodrigo Noriega


The land has its own language, its own stories. Corazón Moreno is a Mexican collection focused on transforming the passions of Mexico into functional objects with a contemporary language that expresses a way of being, not an identity.

Corazón Moreno seeks to create an interpretation of existence, emotions and desires of the people of the Mexican land. 

In search of a noble plastic manifiesto Corazón Moreno has been created by different perspectives of young Mexican minds, based on their memories and visions: Luis Vega, Rodrigo Noriega, Pedro Arturo, Alejandro Macias Paulina Stephens & Rick Rossenham.

Manufactured entirely byMexican hands in Queretaro, the collection was launched simultaneously at Milan and Mexico City during Fuorisaloni 2015 at Promote Design’s Design IN ( and during the Corredor Roma Condesa ( at high end interior and decoration store Dimitri ( in april.

Text- Rick Rossenham

Production – La Tora Mx, Centro de producción de diseño –

Photography – Observatorio Estudio