Hi! my name is Pau and i like to share stories with projects that generate
community through
 design and creativity

I used to have a ceramics workshop, big one, I thought that was what I wanted, being a designer, having a workshop, then an empire and conquer the world. I started at the age of 23 and when I turned 27 I find out that that wasn´t precisely what I liked. I stop being creative, I felt always stressed out and I was always worried about money.  

I closed early this year (2016), maybe I failed,maybe i just give up, maybe I could have improved, maybe I just wanted something new, maybe.

I looked for a job, at a studio, they asked my profile and CV and I felt a lot of conflict, I realise that I wasn´t a designer, neither a ceramicist, didn´t have the normal profile that studios asked for. At the beginning I felt a little bit disappointed because I´m mix of a lot of things, entrepreneur, explorer of the world, wanna be scientist, I can work in team but also by myself, I love teaching and sharing what I know and I enjoy the process of making things.

In the quest of finding my puropose in life I asked myself a lot of questions, what are you good at?, how do you see yourself in 5 years?, What do you like to do and what are you willing to give to have it?

I got to the conclusion that I want to be a storyteller of creativity. I decided that I will try again to be an entrepreneur, be my own boss, So I started my project Valoo.

I´m just getting started in this new adventure, hope it gets better and that you join me. 

If you want to contact me don,t hesitate